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Control Panel Manufacturing

We undertake the manufacture and maintenance of control panel, control device of FA (automated equipment), various power distribution equipment for power supply.

Business flow

Quotation / Order Acceptance

We will make quotations and suggestions based on specifications and production drawings.

Sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing is carried out. The painting process is also added.
We also support processing Nitto made BOX etc.

Material procurement

We will procure the necessary equipment and materials for production.

Assembly process

we assembled and wired products according to specifications and our work standards.

Inspection process

We check the product whether there are deficiency and malfunction or not .


Delivery to the place of your choice.
We support overseas shipping.

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About transaction

In English / Chinese / Japanese, correspondence is possible. E-mail, fax, online shop, you can choose the ordering method freely. We are ready  to meet  any kind of  requests quickly .

Yuan / yen, or US dollar settlement is possible. We also support WeChat Pay.

Because  lower-cost, earlier settlement and conveniently ,    we recommend WeChat Pay about small payment.

About our overseas business, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or Inquiries.

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